About & Experience


I am a graduate of Brigham Young University Idaho in illustration. I play Rosie the Riveter as my day job, and freelance by night. When not illustrating, I train my horse, write, and collect hobbies like leather-working, bookmaking, jewelry making, sewing, scrimshaw, model painting, wood burning, stamp collecting…you name it. I also enjoy camping with my family in the mountains by my home in Utah, and swimming—- no matter how cold the water is.

Any other spare time goes to visiting my family, reading, movies, and eating more ice cream than is really necessary. I've been doing art ever since I can remember, something my mom, a talented artist herself, recognized and fostered.

The accomplishment I'm most proud of is having served an eighteen month mission to Uruguay, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Se Habla. Contactos en español son biénvenidos.

Currently seeking Professional Representation. Please contact me if interested.


Favored themes include animal and fantasy subjects, with realistically caricatured movement and anatomy. I enjoy problem solving, learn and work quickly, and have never missed a deadline. Student work included various subject matter and media with a flexible style, mainly focused in pen and ink, digital, watercolor, oil, and gauche.

Design experience includes basic book and web design skills, as well as extensive experience in fashion, pattern, and textile design, with a focus in ballroom and cultural dance costuming. Other experience includes extensive study of creative writing, story-craft, and plot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What medium do you use?

I generally use a combination of both traditional and digital methods, combining the flexibility of digital with the texture and hand-made quality of traditional. My program of choice is photoshop.

What is your pricing?

Work is contracted individually, depending on the project. Please e-mail me for a bid if you are interested.

Do you sell prints?

I do not have a retail section as of yet; however, if you are interested in purchasing a print, please contact me. I'd be happy to meet your needs.